Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We started a new challenge in the forum. Mask making... This week's theme was ♥Hearts♥, no preview but the ones who took part were: Abstract, Aurelie, Bella Luna, Crystal, Ella Von Grim, Jenny, Kay, LadyQueen, Linda, Melissa, Millie, Puds, Punky Butts, Rachel, Rose, Sabine, Vix and Aqua.
Please leave some ♥♥ if you download!! You can download the masks HERE. Stay tuned for next week's theme.
Creative Misfits


  1. i've just seen them and they are great! thx!!!

  2. They're really nice! I love hearts a lot.



  3. Thank you for sharing...Can't wait to put them to use!

  4. Thanks all I totally missed the challenge.

  5. awesome masks thanks for making and sharing them

  6. Beautiful heart masks, thank you for sharing, ladies :-)

  7. thank you so much, have enjoyed so much all that your group from the forum does, so talented and generous.


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