Friday, June 21, 2013

Misfits 5th Birthday Bash kits

Hey everyone
It ws recently our 5th Birthday Bash and a few members made us some Birthday scrap kits
So here they are!!
Thank you everyone!!

These Scrap kits are from our Scrappin' Time challenge
Huge thanks to Kittz, Athena, Kate, Tasha LQ for participating

Stunning kits everyone :woot:!!!!

Kittz here

Athena here

LQ here

Kate here

Tasha - here

Friday, June 7, 2013

• New masks ~ CIRCLES! •

We have been busily creating some new masks this last month and here they are at last woooooot!  A huge thank you to Angela, Breeze, Kaci, Qua, San, Val, Vanessa, and well I had some too lol.  Here is a preview of them:

Thanks so much everyone for contributing, come back next month for some more hopefully.  You can download these here, please leave some lovin' if you download please, it means a lot to all of us ♥

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