Tuesday, November 12, 2013

• New Masks ~ Squares/Rectangles •

Our wonderful Misfits have made some new masks for all of you to play with, this time the theme was squares and rectangles, thank you so much Angie, Aqua, Breeze, Sharon, and Tonya for your fantastic creations ♥

Here is a preview but not all of the fantastic masks are shown:

To get the pack, just go here to download.  Leave some luvin' if you do download please and tysm, happy tagging!  ♥  See you next time for our next round Yayyyyyy

Sunday, July 7, 2013

• New Grunge Masks •

Yayyyy our Creative Misfits have been at it again creating some fabulous masks for you.  This time the theme was grunge ......... one can never have too many grunge masks right???  So here are some more.  Big thank you to Breeze, JayLyn, Sabine, and Tonya for your masks they are all fabulous!

Here is a preview of them, definitely not all shown:

and you can grab them here, please leave some luvin' if you download: ♥


Friday, June 21, 2013

Misfits 5th Birthday Bash kits

Hey everyone
It ws recently our 5th Birthday Bash and a few members made us some Birthday scrap kits
So here they are!!
Thank you everyone!!

These Scrap kits are from our Scrappin' Time challenge
Huge thanks to Kittz, Athena, Kate, Tasha LQ for participating

Stunning kits everyone :woot:!!!!

Kittz here

Athena here

LQ here

Kate here

Tasha - here

Friday, June 7, 2013

• New masks ~ CIRCLES! •

We have been busily creating some new masks this last month and here they are at last woooooot!  A huge thank you to Angela, Breeze, Kaci, Qua, San, Val, Vanessa, and well I had some too lol.  Here is a preview of them:

Thanks so much everyone for contributing, come back next month for some more hopefully.  You can download these here, please leave some lovin' if you download please, it means a lot to all of us ♥
Sunday, May 5, 2013

• New masks form our Misfits yay •

Our Misfits have been very busy creating some gorgeous masks for all of you hurray!  They are superb and here is a preview below.  Many thanks to Breeze, Kaci, Kelly, Valerie, Athena, San, Scribbles, Swede, and Tonya for your contributions ♥

Please remember to leave some luvin' if you download and check back in a month for our next round!  Most importantly, have fun creating, tis what this wonderful hobby is all about.  :) 
Wednesday, April 3, 2013

• New Floral Masks •

Yayyyy our Creative Misfits have been at it again!  This time the theme was Floral, gotta love this time of the year all the beautiful spring flowers and warmer days hopefully.  Here is a preview of the masks, remember not all shown:

A huge thank you to Chas, Crys, Kaci, and Cat!  They are gorgeous masks!  Next month we will be back with another round of fun masks.

You can get these masks here!  Please leave some lovin' if you download.  ♥
Monday, March 4, 2013

• New Masks ~ Sparkle/Bling •

Our Creative Misfits have been at it again and have created some gorgeousssss sparkly gorgeous masks for you.  Here is a preview of what they have created, not all are shown, many thanks to Angela, Annaica, BellaLuna, Kaci, Sue, and Wags.  These are awesome!

and you can grab them HERE, please leave some luv if you download ♥  TY and see you next month
Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 1 Valentine's Day challenge

Hi Everyone,
We have a Valentine's Day Bash going on in Misfits right now.  The day 1 challenge was to make a template or two.  Well we had a lot of misfits play, so what we have for you is over 35.5MBs of "love" templates for you to play with.  We have templates by Tina, J-me, Mincrisar, Melissa, Kimberly G, Kim A, Sweety, Fairygem, Sandra, Scarab, Sharon, tweety, Willy, Sabine, Julie, Simone, Sherena N, Kathy, Angie Corcel, Tonya, Kelly, Angel, Tasha, Crys, Mina, and Lissette.  Thank you Ladies for taking part!  Please leave some love if you download.  ♥  (Not all shown in previews.)
Creative Misfits

You can download from HERE

New Valentine's Collab Templates

Hiya everyone!!
Here are our latest collab templates yay!!
Those that signed up was paired with another member to work on 4 templates each :0)
And here they are all ready and waiting to be played with lol
Fantastic templates Misfits!!! Thanks for taking part!!
Can't wait for the next challenge
Here are the templates don't forget to leave them some love if you download
Thanks ♥

Download Here

Sunday, February 3, 2013

• New Valentine/Love Masks •

Our mask-making Misfits have been hard at work again in January - theme was Love and Valentines as that wonderful lovey dovey season is once again upon us!  Here is a preveiw of some of the masks, a lot in this grouping so don't miss it!

and you can grab em by going HERE  Please  leave some love if you download, it's so appreciated ♥

Friday, February 1, 2013

~ New Love/Valentines Word Art ~

Our wonderful members have come up with some amazing new Word Art for you Love/Valentines Day Tags.  The theme was Valentines Day/Love.  A huge thank you to Robin, Wyld, Melissa, Wicked Goddess, Julie, Simone, Marilyn, Jane and Jennie for all your awesome creations!!  You can download the wordart here:   https://www.box.com/s/6e4sfmjfhtb0mdpan3tq

Note:  Not all shown in the preview

Saturday, January 5, 2013

• New Masks •

Yayyyy our Misfits have done it again and created some more masks to play with!  A huge thank you to Beth-Ann, Breeze, Cheri, Kaci, Sharon, and Tonya for your contributions to this pack of masks, they are fabulous!

and you can get them via this DOWNLOAD.  Will be back in lil less than a month with more ♥  Please leave some luv'n if you download, it's so appreciated.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

~ New 2013 Happy New Year Word Art ~

Happy New Year!!!  Once again our amazing Misfit members have come together and created some more wonderful WordArt - the theme was New Year 2013 and/or Happy New Year.  Not all is shown in the preview.  A huge thank you to GeorgesPrincess, Robin, Beth-Ann and Wyld
If you download please don't forget to leave some luv :)
You can download the WordArt here : https://www.box.com/s/oq11jgiojgpa4xxhzruy
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